Sky Dish Alignment for Homes and Caravans

If you are looking to line up your sky dish for whatever reason, because it has been knocked by the windows cleaners ladders or by a builder doing work on the property. Or perhaps you are an avid caravaner and need to line up the dish every time you move to a new location. Well, this is an online guide of how to line up the dish and to also set up the satellite system correctly so you can have satellite meterperfect viewing every time. Before starting it is essential to have at least some kind of satellite meter to help with lining up the dish. One of the simplest meters is a cheap £9.99 meter that lets out a noise when it is getting near a signal and in the trade it’s called a squealy meter. The next thing you may need is a compass to help in deciding which direction you will be pointing the dish.

If the dish is located on your property and has been operational before being knocked, then no compass will be needed since it’ll already be pointing in the general direction. A 10mm spanner is required to loosen the nuts and bolts that are keeping the dish in place. So, in order, these are the things you’ll need to do;

  1. Attach the coax cable from your meter to one of the inputs on the satellite dishes LNB located at the end of the arm.
  2. loosen the nuts that keep the back arm attached to the wall bracket enabling the dish to be moved both left & right.
  3. now with the meter switched on, move the dish either left and right until the meter starts to squeal.
  4. Once the meter reads its strongest, move the dish both up and down a little and see if the signal strength improves and adjust the meter accordingly.

When lining up a dish sitting on a tripod for TV in the caravan, the process is similar only you need to make sure on the compass that you are starting in the right direction os the south-east.


Sky Dish Alignment