How to carry out a TV Aerial Installation

A few months ago, there was this AD in the media in which a bee that was in urgent search of the most beautiful looking flowers in its vicinity opted for the brightly colored red and yellow flowers in a nearby house’s living room. Incidentally, the purportedly colored petals that the bee had seen were on the Nature Channel on TV! It all looked so real not only to the bees but also to the human eyes!!

Ever thought of acquiring that technology for which everything on the TV screen looks so real; and that recording, pausing, rewinding, or playback were all instant? Yes, it is possible. With the right plan, tools and step-by-step installation, you can be on your way to getting yourself a top of the art viewing experience in your living room.

Depending on the way you might want to approach your TV installation, it surely does not come through quite easy and might take you some bit of extra sweat.


The major step towards having TV in your living room, bedroom or library is the initial preparatory and planning stages. Get the right TV set in place. Whether a whole home HD DVR system for your entertainment room or a simple flat screen TV for the study room or library, choice is what matters here. Making sure that all the working tools are in place would be a prudent thing to do. A ladder will enable you reach most of the higher spots of any setup positions. For such an installation, you might ensure that you have the precise wall mounts to support the TV to the wall or simply a TV stand if you shall have this in the entertainment room. Wall brackets, screws, screw drivers and coaxial cables might be some of the gear you don’t want to miss out on in the planning phase.


Imperative to note is that there will be no picture images on the screen if you got no one to deliver them there. The Cable TV guy does this work. Do your homework well. Ensure that you get the right service provider to give you the right channels that will suite your taste and needs. Having to weigh between monthly costs of TV monthly costs of TV and the quality of services provided might be a good thing to look out for. Getting a cheap provider who delivers squashed up images on your TV will make you more frustrated than a slightly more costly provider with excellent services.


Installing TV is not about simply having a brightly perfected picture coming onto your screen. It goes beyond having the whole installation blend just fine into your finely presented interior décor. Raceways will help you avoid tangled cords splattered all over the room causing such untidy sceneries to the eye. These cables can also run behind baseboards and in such a manner, they will be hidden away to give an admirable finishing that makes it seem like an expert installer did the installation work.


For cases were you are going o have wall mount installations, it is important that the right angle and proper eye levels are established. It would be very unfortunate if the viewer will have to strain the eyes, or keep on stretching the neck in order to get a clear view of the TV after installation. Determine the right heights, view and angle of installation.